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Metaverse Studio empowers your brand in Web3

Metaverse Studio offers comprehensive support to help brands establish themselves in the ever-changing world of Web3 and gaming. We offer tailor-made workshops: VR, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse to help technical teams acquire the skills necessary to succeed in this booming universe.

Our experts work closely with brands to create custom NFT collections that reflect their identity and market positioning. We also offer services for building virtual spaces in different Metaverses (The Sandbox, Spatial, Horizon Worlds…), thus offering an immersive experience to your customers.

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Love in Paris
Find the true love in this fantastic metaverse adventure on The Sandbox.

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We are convinced that knowledge is the key to success in Web3 and Gaming.

That’s why we offer Web3 news blog articles designed to offer simplified bricks of knowledge on the notions of crypto-currencies and metaverse real estate (virtual real estate). These articles are designed to help brands better understand this new 3D web and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.

We work with brands of all sizes and across all industries and believe we can help you succeed in the ever-changing world of Web3 and Gaming.

Our Web3 news

  • The Metaverse Studio team is thrilled and honored to have been selected by Nomura and Laser Digital to create their Botanical Garden Experience within the Sandbox Metaverse.

    The Nomura-Laser Digital experience takes place in a Japanese botanical garden, symbolizing the bank’s cultural heritage and sustainability values. Through nine quests, you will be able to meet avatars of senior Nomura and Laser Digital management and complete tasks such as cultivating your own bonsai tree. QR codes displayed throughout the garden allow visitors to learn more about Nomura, Laser Digital and their strategic investments and innovations in digital assets.

    Monday 30 October 2023