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Metaverse Studio empowers your brand in Web3

Metaverse Studio offers comprehensive support to help brands establish themselves in the ever-changing world of Web3 and gaming. We offer tailor-made workshops: VR, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse to help technical teams acquire the skills necessary to succeed in this booming universe.

Our experts work closely with brands to create custom NFT collections that reflect their identity and market positioning. We also offer services for building virtual spaces in different Metaverses (The Sandbox, Spatial, Horizon Worlds…), thus offering an immersive experience to your customers.

And if you have a web3 project, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form.


Compete against other players and collect the 6 mystical orbs in this brand new LEGO Fortnite island!

Check out our latest Fortnite island: The Grid Arena. Will you emerge victorious and reclaim your freedom?

They trust us

We are convinced that knowledge is the key to success in Web3 and Gaming.

That’s why we offer Web3 news blog articles designed to offer simplified bricks of knowledge on the notions of crypto-currencies and metaverse real estate (virtual real estate). These articles are designed to help brands better understand this new 3D web and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.

We work with brands of all sizes and across all industries and believe we can help you succeed in the ever-changing world of Web3 and Gaming.

Our Web3 news

  • It is with a little tracking that we present to you our latest addition to the world of Fortnite Maps: “Brick Battle Free for All”, a creation developed using resources provided by Epic and Lego to Islands Creators.

    As ardent fans of the legendary Lego bricks, this opportunity to develop a new island in the Fortnite universe was an adventure that we could not miss.

    Wednesday 24 April 2024


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