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Cédric Bensoussan

Aurélie Bensoussan

Laurent Delétang
Head of creation

Stéphane Boukris

Stéphane Boukris
CEO Excelsior

Metaverse Studio aims to be a popularization blog for technologies surrounding the concepts of Metaverse and NFTs published by the immersive agency INTERACTIVE STUDIO created in 2005.

Our expertise in holography, augmented reality, 3D design and social media naturally allow us this evolution towards WEB3.

Here are the services we offer with Metaverse Studio:

  • Advice and purchases of virtual land
  • Promoting your acquisition
  • Designing your Metaverse experience on The Sandbox
  • SocialHub
  • Modeling of voxel assets and NFTs…

We believe that supporting our clients also means offering them simplified knowledge tools in order to speak the same language and bring the projects they entrust to us to a higher level of quality.

We also support you for consulting and training missions for your teams.

Do not hesitate to consult our websites dedicated to our professions: