Création d'expérience Gaming Metaverse The Sandbox

Metaverse Experience Design

Tailor-made professional gaming experiences!

Love in Paris metaverse experience on The Sandbox

Find true love and meet famous people in this fantastic metaverse adventure The Sandbox.

Metaverse Studio on The Sandbox
Metaverse Studio on The Sandbox

Explore our offices in the Metaverse The Sandbox and go in search of the 5 MetaCards hidden in this incredible experience!


Help the 5 legendary healers restore their kingdoms and heal the planet with your eco-responsible actions!

Experience Metaverse Unibet Arena on The Sandbox

Take on the many challenges of this thrilling experience The Sandbox and become the champion of champions of the metaverse!

Septeo metaverse experience The Sandbox

Explore the Septeo offices in the metaverse and live an original and thrilling adventure.

Crédit Agricole Sandbox experience
Crédit Agricole

An experience that will put your senses to the test in a fascinating investigation!

Adventure AXA metaverse The Sandbox

Overcome the challenges of the different levels of the AXA pyramid in this incredible adventure!

Pocketimmo The Sandbox
Pocketimmo The Sandbox

Discover the Pocketimmo real estate agency through a The Sandbox experience.

Xsior Escape Game The Sandbox
Xsior Escape Game The Sandbox

Explore the offices of Excelsior in the Metaverse The Sandbox and learn about the different professions of the company.

Curse of the Manor The Sandbox
Curse of the Manor The Sandbox

Discover an original adventure The Sandbox which pays homage to the monsters of the cinema.

Casino Heist The Sandbox

Casino Heist

Investigate to find out who stole the casino cash! A “Cluedo” type experience on the Metaverse The Sandbox.

The Shopping Mall on The Sandbox

The Shopping Mall

Visit a mall in the Metaverse The Sandbox and use QR Codes to take advantage of exclusive promotions!