Professional universes creation on Meta Horizon Worlds

Our experts design your custom Meta Horizon Worlds universe:
Workroom VR, events (concerts, shows, live event…), meetings, recruitment, art gallery, showcase, product launch…

Metaverse Horizon Worlds Live Event Creation

VR Live Events

Organize recruitments, product launches, announcements, Workgroups and much more in augmented reality and live!

VR Shop & Gallery

Promote your products in a Web3 environment in virtual reality, exhibit your works of art, your NFTs in an innovative and fun way.

Horizon Worlds Metaverse video game creation

Gaming Experience

We create tailor-made gaming experiences (video games) for your brand in the Meta Horizon Worlds metaverse: arcade, quiz, escape game…

Your tailor-made “World”

Our teams of professional Builders design and create your universe in your image.

Game mechanics, user experience, Storytelling… Metaverse Studio supports you in your project from start to launch.

Metaverse Horizon Worlds VR Headset

Explore your “World” in VR!

Your world is accessible with a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest Pro or the Quest 2 and allows you to live a fantastic experience.

Embody your avatar and take advantage of the VR on the Horizon Worlds metaverse: share your ideas with colleagues, manipulate 3D objects, compete with your friends… the possibilities are endless!