Our teams have designed a wide variety of virtual environments in the Spatial metaverse available for rental for your virtual events: Conferences, Pitch, Meetings, Recruitment, Vernissage, Showcase, Product Launch…

Do not hesitate to contact us for the implementation and tailor-made customization of your metaverse event in one of our Spatial environments from our form.

Room Disco Club metaverse Spatial

Disco Club

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking themselves for Michael Jackson in Billy Jean? Discover our Disco Club!

Room Space Office metaverse Spatial

Space Office

Come aboard our Space Office and discover a breathtaking view of space!

Room Retro Bar dans le metaverse Spatial

Retro Bar

Step into our Retro Bar and enjoy vintage 60s decor.

Penthouse Metaverse Studio metaverse Spatial

Parisian penthouse

Visit our Parisian Penthouse and enjoy a breathtaking 360° view over the rooftops of Paris.

Plateau TV room metaverse Spatial

Metaverse TV Show

Slip into the shoes of a celebrity for a day by visiting our TV set.

Metaverse HQ room Spatial

Metaverse HQ

Visit our Metaverse HQ, a real Hub to visit our different Spatial rooms.

Appartement Metaverse Spatial


Visit a spacious, contemporary apartment with modern decoration for your meetings.

Room Metaverse Spatial bureaux modernes

Metaverse Office

With the Metaverse Office room find your offices in the Metaverse!

Room Metaverse Spatial Galerie d'Art

Art Gallery

Visit a futuristic and design art gallery in the Metaverse!

Room Metaverse Hanukkah

Hanukkah City

Celebrate the Jewish holiday Hanukkah in this superb temple created for this occasion.

Room Spatial Spéciale Noël Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Celebrate Christmas in a unique and warm atmosphere in the metaverse!

Room Spatial metaverse Fashion Store

Fashion Store

Enter a luxurious boutique located on a rooftop with an incredible view!

Room Spatial Pirate Island

Pirate Island

Climb the tower of this pirate island and search for the treasure!

Room Spatial Expo Metaverse

Metaverse Exhibition

The perfect place to display your artwork in the metaverse!

System requirement for Spatial:

Web app / Desktop:

  • Compatible browser:

    • Chrome (72+)
    • Firefox (72+)
    • Safari (15+)
    • Edge (79+)
  • WebGL 2.0 support required

Mobile & tablet:

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone (iOS 14.1 minimum)
    • iPad (iPadOS 14.1 minimum)
    • iPod touch (iOS 14.1 minimum)
    • Mobile/tablet Android (v13 minimum)

VR Headset:

  • Compatibility:

    • Meta Quest
    • Meta Quest 2
    • Meta Quest Pro

Internet connection required / WiFi minimum: 10Mbps, recommended 50Mbps.