Création d'expérience professionnelles metaverse
Création d'expérience professionnelles metaverse


Our teams design and build your professional Spatial Room:
Web3 events, meetings, recruitment, art gallery, showcase, product launch…


Avatars & Environment HD

Thanks to the Unity 3D engine and the Ready Player Me avatar library, offers an interactive and semi-realistic graphical environment.

Headset VR Metaverse

A multi-support metaverse is a metaverse that you can join from a smartphone/tablet, a PC/Mac and even a VR headset for total immersion!

Social Metaverse allows you to organize events for up to 50 simultaneous participants who can communicate via microphone, webcam, text chat and screen sharing.

A realistic metaverse allows you to immerse yourself in an incredibly detailed virtual universe with realistic special effects for a breathtaking experience!

And take it to the next level by interacting in environments with a virtual reality headset for a 100% immersive experience!

Liven up your Room Spatial with the many tools available!

Liven up your event

The Spatial metaverse has many tools to allow your participants to communicate, to exchange with each other: webcam, emotes, chat…

Room management options such as the ability to share your screen, mute the microphone of certain participants or launch a common video allow you to administer and animate the Room very easily.

A tailor-made design

The metaverse allows us to design your Room on the main 3D software (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, etc.) according to your brief and thus create your 100% tailor-made environment.

Spatial allows you to present your brand, your universe or give your audience an incredible experience in a completely new way.

Design of tailor-made rooms on the metaverse

Your tailor-made Spatial room!

If you want to get your brand into the Spatial metaverse, don’t hesitate to contact us!

System requirement for Spatial:

Web app / Desktop:

  • Compatible browser:

    • Chrome (72+)
    • Firefox (72+)
    • Safari (15+)
    • Edge (79+)
  • WebGL 2.0 support required

Mobile & tablet:

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone (iOS 14.1 minimum)
    • iPad (iPadOS 14.1 minimum)
    • iPod touch (iOS 14.1 minimum)
    • Mobile/tablet Android (v13 minimum)

VR Headset:

  • Compatibility:

    • Meta Quest
    • Meta Quest 2
    • Meta Quest Pro

Internet connection required / WiFi minimum: 10Mbps, recommended 50Mbps.