Création d'expérience professionnelles metaverse The Sandbox
Création d'expérience professionnelles metaverse The Sandbox

Fortnite Brand marketing video game

Our experts design your custom Fortnite branded experience:
Character skins, wearables, environment…

Fortnite c'est plus de 350 millions de joueurs actifs

350 million active players

Fortnite has a large community of players that is often difficult for brands to reach.

Sponsorship opportunities

Fortnite offer many sponsorship opportunities like character skins.

Fortnite : ciblez une audience massive

A high commitment

Target a passionate audience with high player engagement.

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to connect your brand with a young and engaged audience? Do not search anymore ! Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world, with more than 350 million active players, the vast majority of them young players who are difficult for brands to reach.

But that’s not all, Fortnite players spend an average of over 6 hours per week on the game, which means you can expect high engagement from them.

A tailor-made Fortnite experience!

Discover some of the experiences in the Fortnite video game that we have already done.

Play BRICK BATTLE on Fortnite!

Island Code: 8327-3995-3609

Play THE GRID ARENA on Fortnite!

Island Code: 8327-3995-3609

Play on Halloween Nightmare on Fortnite!

Island Code: 7343-7236-3382

Play Vertical Ascent: Climb Up! on Fortnite!

Island Code: 7002-8601-3240

Play Metaverse Studio Parkour on Fortnite!

Island Code: 2136-9779-6904

Play Metaverse Studio Island on Fortnite!

Island Code: 7176–8620–8746

Play Escape the Teddy's Backrooms on Fortnite!

Island Code: 2146-9172-9184

Play Escape the Teddys's Backrooms

Island Code: 0494–0923–9064

Custom Fortnite experience creation

Target a massive audience

All in all, Fortnite is the ideal platform for brands to reach a massive and passionate audience, through sponsorship opportunities, influencer marketing and high player engagement.

So, ready to join the Fortnite adventure?

Your brand in Fortnite

Fortnite also offers plenty of sponsorship opportunities, including skins and character customization items, as well as in-game events and sponsored tournaments.

Additionally, the most popular players have millions of fans on social media, making them powerful influencers for your brand.