Roadmap: get involved too, in Metaverse & NFTs!

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Interactive Studio has been supporting brands since 2005 in their digital strategy, by creating 3D motion designs, holograms and augmented reality experiences, as well as their presence on various social networks and search engines.

In 2021, it is natural that we are interested in Web3, Metavers and NFTs.

In 2022, our vision takes shape with the creation of Metaverse Studio, a branch of Interactive Studio that develops experience building projects in the Metaverse.

We have chosen to work with The SandBox because it is the Metaverse that most resembles us and that will allow us to continue to develop the branding and user experiences of our customers towards Web3.

We feel that we need resources and we believe that creating a community of fans of our work is much more fun than making fundraising files.

Projects come up every day and we want you to be part of this fabulous adventure by becoming one of our shareholders.

It’s simple, just acquire one of the NFTs of Membership Cards and talk about it around you.

Once half of the cards are sold, we will proceed to trigger the privileges.