Behind the scenes of the HEALV3RSE experience

Behind the scenes of the HEALV3RSE experience

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Cédric Bensoussan

It all starts with the meeting of Inna Modja, Marco Conti Sikic, Alex Asen founders of Code Green and Crystal Petit who have the desire to create an edutainment game in partnership with The Sandbox and United Nations on good actions to preserve our planet .

Meeting between the Code Green, The Sandbox and Metaverse Studio teams

Starting from the formidable collection of NFTs representing 5 legendary Healers designed by Marco Conci Sikic, the fundamental idea was to create a universe where each of the Healers would have a region under their protection and which would take up the elements of the universe: fire, water, air… their Kingdom.

The 5 Healers collection of NFTs designed by Marco Conti Sikic.

Each Healer, healing genius, has a Crystal that protects his Kingdom.

The 5 Healers in Voxels with their crystals.

And we started with the idea that players would have to collect each of these crystals and that bringing together these 5 crystals would heal the planet.

But recovering these sacred crystals is earned and the player will have to accumulate the Gems of Knowledge and do the right ecological actions to succeed in passing the judgment of the Healer who will entrust him with his crystal.

From drawing to Voxel

If we look more closely at each of Marco Conti’s characters, we observe many details which give information about the place where they live: mushrooms, vegetation…

We decided to populate each of the regions they protect by creating a declining population of each of the avatars.

Citizens of the Kingdoms of HEALV3RSE

Citizens of the Kingdoms of HEALV3RSE

And we wondered what kind of house these characters might live in? We have thus created habitats for each of the peoples.

Citoyens des Royaumes de HEALV3RSE

Les differentes maisons des royaumes du HEALV3RSE.

Design d’environnements et Level Design

Marco Conti est arrivée avec l’idée que le Land (une parcelle de 1×1) serait travaillé dans sa verticalité et qu’on aurait visuellement une sorte d’île fabuleuse dans sa vision globale.

Croquis HEALV3RSE :

Sketches of the different Kingdoms of HEALV3RSE.

Concepts Art HEALV3RSE :

Fun missions to save the planet and learn the right actions

Code Green gave us many pages of content that it wanted to distribute so that players could learn simple actions that advance environmental protection.

Generally speaking, players don’t really like reading long texts and that’s where the idea of creating Gems of Knowledge came from, these are pretty gems which contain a very short text which once collected always remains consultable via its GHOST.

This acquired knowledge would help us to respond to the Healer’s judgment at the end of each level in the form of a Quiz.

Citoyens des Royaumes de HEALV3RSE

The content provided was so dense that we opted for the idea of having the choice between 2 quests per level. Which represents 32 different ways to finish the game and thus access all the content.

The collection of NFTs

The funds raised by the sale of NFTs will go to the Code Green association to fight against climate change.

We have chosen remarkable assets with different prices so that everyone can participate.

Easter Eggs

We have also placed 2 Easter Eggs which allow you to reveal hidden areas.