Claim your freedom in The Grid Arena our latest UEFN Fortnite island!

Claim your freedom in The Grid Arena our latest UEFN Fortnite island!

Friday 9 February 2024

Cédric Bensoussan

In the ever-expanding Fortnite universe, a new island has captivated the attention of thousands of players around the world: The Grid Arena.

Creation Software in the Metaverse The Sandbox

With more than 10,000 players having already set foot on its virtual ground, this arena, which is distinguished by a unique aesthetic inspired by the worlds of Cyberpunk and Tron, among others, promises an immersive and intense gaming experience.

Designed to accommodate up to 50 players simultaneously, The Grid Arena offers a battlefield where chaos reigns supreme, with each participant having access to Fortnite’s full arsenal of weapons, accompanied by a huge advantage: unlimited ammo.

Creation Software in the Metaverse The Sandbox

Creation of a Fortnite island with the UEFN

The creation of The Grid Arena island was carried out using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), a professional tool developed by Epic Games. This tool is specifically designed to allow developers and creative agencies, such as ours, Metaverse Studio, to design custom islands within Fortnite.

Creation Software in the Metaverse The Sandbox

Thanks to UEFN, we creators can harness the full power of the Unreal Engine, known for its advanced graphics capabilities and flexibility, to bring unique gaming experiences to the Fortnite community.

Creation Software in the Metaverse The Sandbox

The Grid Arena: a furist and immersive design

Designing The Grid Arena was an exciting project, requiring a deep understanding of Fortnite’s gameplay mechanics as well as technical expertise to manipulate the UEFN.

Custom Fortnite map The Grid Arena

The goal was to create a gaming space that not only visually stands out with its futuristic aesthetic, but also provides a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. We’ve carefully balanced design elements so that the arena is both visually impressive and functionally optimized for epic clashes.

Ile Fortnite design futuriste The Grid Arena

The growing popularity of The Grid Arena

The popularity of The Grid Arena is a testament to players’ appetite for innovative and personalized experiences within Fortnite.

The ability to use every weapon in the game with unlimited ammo turns each match into a fierce struggle for survival, where strategy, reflexes and weapon mastery combine to determine the winner.

This island has become a playground where skills are tested in an environment that is both familiar and surprisingly new.

Island code: 8327-3995-3609