“Fashion & Voxels”: Fashion brands, the Voxel and the Metaverse

“Fashion & Voxels”: Fashion brands, the Voxel and the Metaverse

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Cédric Bensoussan

On Tuesday September 26, 2023, in the heart of Paris Fashion Week, a captivating event took place at The Sandbox Paris headquarters under the title “Fashion & Voxels

This initiative brought together creative minds and visionaries from the world of fashion, accompanied by Eda AguilarChief Fashion Officer of Eyes of Fashion, Lauren KacherCreative Direction at Brand New Vision (BNV), Cédric and Aurélie BENSOUSSAN, founders of Metaverse Studio.

The objective of this meeting was to explore in depth how fashion brands can appropriate Voxels and the Metaverse by revealing the partnerships with Eyes of Fashion and Brochu Walker in Love in Paris, the Parisian universe created in the metaverse The Sandbox by the Metaverse Studio teams.

The event began with a warm breakfast, allowing participants to connect and discuss their perspectives and expectations for this promising morning. It was a valuable opportunity for creative minds to come together and discuss the endless possibilities that the Voxel and Metaverse offer the fashion industry.

Presentations then took over, offering attendees an overview of the latest trends in digital fashion, virtual reality and Voxels.

Speakers shared their expertise on how brands can create virtual spaces to showcase their collections (wearables), host virtual fashion shows and reinvent the online shopping experience for consumers.

Throughout the lively discussions, it became clear that Voxel and Metaverse represent an invaluable opportunity for the fashion industry. Participants explored innovative ideas, such as creating virtual clothing and accessories for customer avatars, opening the door to even deeper personalization.

Ultimately, “Fashion & Voxels” at The Sandbox Paris paved the way for bold thinking about the future of fashion in Web3.

This event showed that traditional Fashion Week is only part of the story, and that the future of fashion is also taking shape in the virtual worlds of Voxels and Metaverse, where creativity has no limits.