Curse of the Manor: Secrets to making a The Sandbox experience

Curse of the Manor: Secrets to making a The Sandbox experience

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Cédric Bensoussan

Genesis of the project: the first ideas

Everything starts, as often, with a blank sheet, a few ideas and simple sketches.

The idea for Curse of the Manor came to us a few days before the Halloween 2022 holidays.

We wanted to create an adventure that took up the great monsters of American cinema in the Metaverse The Sandbox with the idea of creating an NFT collection of avatars of these monsters.

But we also wanted to challenge ourselves technically on the design of a monumental building with such precise details that we wouldn’t even see the voxels that make it up.

Once upon a time in The Metaverse

The first step was to define narrative tracks by answering simple questions such as:

  • Where does the story take place ? Places ?
  • Who are the main characters? Their motives?
  • Secondary characters
  • Items
  • What gaming mechanics to remember: riddles, puzzles, arcade games…

Each of the 3D artists who worked on this project had their own sensibility and favorite monsters, so we wanted them all for our game!

The Story

It’s Halloween in Hillside Town and you’re off to harvest candy while visiting the neighborhood.

Very quickly, you are arrested by John, one of your neighbors, who is in a panic, his family has been kidnapped by monsters or probably people in disguise.

He asks you to help him by searching the side of the swamp.

This is where “your descent into hell” begins.

The idea was to create an explosive cocktail of our childhood memories, and our current web3 references with a good dose of voxels and a touch of NFTs.

Virtual architectures and environments

Here are the places we decided to create, classic but effective.

  • An American suburban town
  • A swamp with a black lagoon and a famous swamp creature.
  • Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory where we could find his creature and his fiancé
  • A vast cemetery composed of underground crypts where the player will have to face different enemies.
  • A terrifying mansion: inspired by The Shining, the Phantom Manor and other macabre residences of American cinema.
Les monstres - Curse of the Manor

Face off against monstrous opponents

Dracula, Frankenstein, the invisible man, the creature from the black lake are as many monsters, but not only, that you will encounter during the metaversial adventure Curse of the Manor.

The idea is not to “spoil” the game so we won’t say too much for now.

Game ART

Here are some roughs of the creatures and some renderings of the characters to quench your curiosity.

Les monstres - Curse of the Manor

Gaming mechanics

We wanted to find the mechanics and quests found in The Sandbox experiences: harvesting Voxelites (here sweets), searching for remarkable places, but also adventure and arcade game mechanics a little retrogaming (our references were the famous Ghost’n Goblins, but also Monkey Island for the Point & Click part).

We also use the mechanics found in classic Escape Games and role-playing games from our childhood.

When will Curse of the Manor be available?

The game is scheduled for release in Q1 2023, our experience is currently in the final stages of testing to polish the overall experience before release (Publishing).

Soon you will be able to venture into our Land and battle Count Dracula and his minions there. But one question remains, will you be up to it?

Stay connected you will soon know more!!

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