Creation of the Unibet Arena metaverse experience on The Sandbox

Creation of the Unibet Arena metaverse experience on The Sandbox

Monday 3 April 2023

Cédric Bensoussan

It was during the Probably Nothing Day 2021 event that we created with Excelsior that the idea of doing a Gaming experience on The Sandbox metaverse came to the mind of our client Unibet.

The genesis of the project

The challenge if we accepted it was to bring the famous sports betting brand into Web3 smoothly and only through sport and not betting so as not to have to initially deal with the regulations in force in this domain.

Our creative team is sports fans, so we quickly came up with the concept of sports mini-games in the spirit of the Wii and slightly retro console games.

The idea for this Web3 Branding operation was to highlight the most important verticals at Unibet: Football, tennis, basketball, poker and boxing but also the educational part on responsible gambling with the Responsible Gaming House which must be visited in order to be able to launch the gaming quests.

Normally, you should already be starting to see the incredible marketing possibilities that this metaverse offers.

The Sandbox has a lot of quality but still has some weaknesses due to its youth and it is quite difficult to create complex games, especially sports games.

We have still managed to offer thematic games which work very well and are very fun.

Before that it was necessary to create the Arena, namely a sort of sports zone where all our games could fit on the Land 1*1 that was retained (96m*96m*128m)

Here are the design diagrams of the virtual terrain:

Here are some renderings of the different areas:

The pitch of the game is to test the players and see if they have the skills to become a Unibet champion by winning the trophies in each discipline: 5 in total.

And we created an additional Parkour event.

The mini-games


To obtain the trophy, you must beat 3 boxers by having previously equipped yourself in the locker room with gloves and a protective helmet.


Hit 10 balls using your racket which will allow you to defend yourself against a giant tennis ball like Pac-Man who wants to devour you!


Game of skill where it is necessary to hit the ball into the goals with 3 phases of difficulty (3 goals).


Recognize several poker hands and select the strongest ones.

Basket ball

Return 5 baskets using the automatic launchers.

Each game can be played in the order you want. Each time an event is won, the player wins a trophy. Once the 5 trophies have been collected, a 6th agility test is unlocked and a parkour more than 100 m above the ground is revealed for a final challenge.




The game was launched during French Weeks, a The Sanbox event bringing together projects from major French brands like Vivendi, Ledger, Casino, Partouche… from March 23 to April 6, 2023.

In 15 days, more than 25,000 players from around the world are taking part in the Adventure.

That’s more than 41,000 visits to the map for more than 7,000 hours of play with an average playing time of 15 minutes!!!

There are more than 20 Walkthrough videos on YouTube that were created by fans around the world and have tens of thousands of views.

There is also an incredible buzz on Twitter, here is the accelerated video following the implementation of a competition asking you to take a photo of your avatar in the virtual environment of the Unibet Arena.

Unibet x The Sandbox